“In this world, a single blade can take you anywhere you want to go. And even though it’s a virtual world, I feel more alive in here than I ever did in the real world.” -Sword Art Online

My name is Richard Osmar Leon Ingaruca and this is my personal page.

I am a bachelor graduated from the Computer Engineering career of the National University Federico Villarreal of Lima / Peru. I am currently working as a software architect in the systems area of ​​a prestigious private university in my country.

Currently I can not be called “engineer” because I do not present my grade thesis. This is not because I can not. The reason is because I do not want spend time in easy project o something stupid. I want to develop the number one thesis in the country :D

Going back to the past, in the years that hard university I understood something that was by default in my configuration since childhood: “The need to understand why all things especially physical phenomena of the planet.” The best courses I remember were Mathematics IV and all the Physics theories that I have. Understanding that a differential equation can explain a physical phenomenon was the most important. It was a pity not to be a professional in the area of ​​physics or chemistry, so do not delve into the subject.

In the university I learned to program. It’s as if I had been destined to be a programmer. In fact until the moment I write these paragraphs is the only thing for what I serve , and that is why I can not afford to be a simple programmer. I need to be a good one, at least in my local environment, and it is why I spend a lot of my life, in front of the computer.

If you ask me what I like, then I will say: “Develop software, see or read about science fiction (books, movies, series and animes) and share what I am learning”.

I program and design software for my profession. Web forms, apis rest or conventional applications. In my free time, too. If it is to help someone I can have fun programming conventional software, but if it is only for me I like to program things that according to my conception are new and or according to google do not exist yet. I can spend hours of my free time, creating a small application that automates something for my work, some plugin, something I saw in a movie, some AI, a hello world in a new language, etc. That’s what I like to do in my free time and since this coincides with my profession I’m very lucky.

Movies, series, animes or books related to science fiction, cause me a deep catharsis. I do not know if it is something schizophrenic or something worse, but to appreciate this type of content causes my imagination to expand, abandon me or create realities when trying to analyze if what is being projected is fiction, already exists or can be implemented. I also like to watch police or spy series based on fbi, cia, kgb, mi6, extraterrestrials, space, etc. I’m sure my fascination with this type of series is because in the real world I do not like to take a step without first projecting the consequences of this, I do not take unnecessary risks or anything like that, so when I see this type of content, I learn possible behaviors which I could use when faced with scenarios like those experienced by the characters.

Regarding sharing what I’m learning. When I was preparing to enter university, I received help from a teacher who became my friend. I also met a younger but more intelligent partner than me. This fellow taught us mathematical topics that we did not understand and did not ask for anything in return. He once revealed to us why he was doing it: “I like to teach because in this way I will never forget, what I am teaching you.” I realized that it was the same thing my teacher and friend did. That’s why since then, I like to share everything I’m learning without charging or asking for anything in return. Would you charge for doing something you like?

Finally not to bore, my intention to create this page is to share what I’m learning, what I’m seeing, what I’m feeling about software, artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, fiction and my eternal thesis to be considered an engineer.

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